Thursday, January 10, 2008

Competition to Tata Nano - Maruti 800

Maruti 800 is a city car manufactured by Maruti Udyog in India sold at around $5000. It is a rebadged version of a Suzuki Alto. It has a 3 cylinder engine of 37 bhp (28 kW) at 5000 rpm.

It used to be the largest selling car in India until the Maruti Alto recently took that title. It is also exported to a number of countries in southeastern Asia including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and to some South American markets (as Chile, sold as Suzuki Maruti), and was available in selected European markets between 1988 and 1992, sold as the Suzuki Maruti. The car comes in different versions including one with air conditioning and one without. It was launched in December 1984 with almost 100% imported content.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Maruti 800 was the car which put India on wheels and it indeed had huge success in India. But, as they say, everything good has to end and that was perhaps the case for 800, too. Suzuki failed to produce a car at the price of Tata Nano in spite of its history of successful small car production. So it will have to face the consequence. Bye 800.

planet said...

Plunk ! Plunk ! Plunk !
Thats Mr. osama suzuki shitting bricks as the Nano kicks his butt.
Hes an ass who till a few years scoffed at indian engineering and said the TATAs
could never build it.

Run Osama, Run. Suzukis are going to get a licking in India.

Oh how the mighty have fallen :)

simeon johnson said...

its again abt d small cars.
india always preferd small and economic cars.and till now maruti-800 was the best in dis segment.
people think that tata nano could compete with it.
but hellooouu.. people,wake up n check both car's SPECIFICATION,n u'll cum to knw dat there is no competition btwn the two cars.its like one is hero-honda splendour,and other pulsor-150.
plzzz dnt jst look d price segment of cars.
thank you

jake tyler said...
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Sherry Luios said...

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