Sunday, January 20, 2008

CNG Nano?

What better way to get the biggest bang for your buck than a CNG Nano (the petrol Nano promises 20 km per litre).

Though Tatas are not telling whether they are on the road to a CNG Nano, a top Tata official said: "We will first roll out the petrol Nano. We will work on other fuel options as well."

With CNG kit makers like Shrimankar Fuel Technologies Ltd promising to run bikes and scooters on small CNG tanks which can accommodate 1kg of gas, why can't the Nano?

Currently, M-800 fits in a 60-litre water capacity tank that packs in 10-11 kg of CNG.

"Though we have not figured the space Nano has, we can design a special kit," says Shrimankar who feels CNG will make the Nano sweeter by slashing running costs by over half to around 0.85 paise per km as against Rs 2.38 per km on petrol (Ahmedabad's fuel rates).

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tatanano said...

Tata Nano on CNG / LPG... Most people are waiting for it.